Revealing the fault lines that still exist in a swiftly changing America, multiracial contemporary artist, designer, and gallery owner Phillip Scott challenges implicit beliefs surrounding identity, issues of racial privilege, and marginalization. Through his signature color scheme of black and white, P. Scott seeks to expose the fetish for opposites as well as transcend these dichotomies particularly in their relation to race. Subconscious symbols and numbers that have frequented his waking life also appear in his paintings, juxtaposing reality and surrealism. P. Scott’s work can be described as urban-expressionism inspired by the urban street aesthetics of Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, the surrealist aesthetics of Dali, and the intricate shapes and bold colors of William Escher. While oil paint is his preferred medium, P. Scott also makes use of non-traditional mediums such as found objects, fabrics, furniture, and installations that include audio and lights.




P Scott


P. Scott’s personal narrative largely invigorates his art work. Growing up in Rochester, New York, graffiti was an artistic launching point for the young artist. He attended the School of The Visual Arts where his urban street art skills collided with technique, gesture drawing, and color theory. His paintings explore the genesis of his early instructional impressions. They also move beyond institutional conventions and explore a freedom of structure that was informed by his early street renderings. Thus, freedom vs. form is another theme that is animated through the hand of his work.

Through his varied networks, and some serendipity, P. Scott found himself in the vibrant arts ecosystem of Chicago. He quickly established himself as an artistic force featuring his work in galleries and alternative spaces throughout the city. Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create strong partnerships that acted as a catalyst in launching NYCH Art Gallery. NYCH was initiated as a means to amplify the artistic voices of young marginalized artists. It also exists as a platform to actively engage in meaningful dialogue surrounding race, class, and culture with a multitude of Chicago communities through art. As a result, P. Scott has achieved his ambition of bridging his passion for art and design with his ongoing commitment to creating a space for inclusivity, equity, and diversity.





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